Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still Here!

Haven't done a lot of needlework this past month. Just one of those things. I have nearly finished the front of my Banff sweater and will post a photo as soon as I can figure out the safe place I put my camera. After I worked on the front, I realized that I made a major error on the reducing on the back (it's a raglan sleeve), so have to rip it out and reknit where the decreases are. I have spent a lot of time working on my cooking blog, so be sure to visit that (

Yes, of course, here is a kitty photo (and you thought there wouldn't be any) so that you can see what they look at out the back door. With the weeds (now gone) and shrubs, little chipmunks and bugs torment our kitties. Unfortunately, with the heat wave, the door has been closed, so they spend more time causing trouble at night. Cuddles is still on lots of medicine, but has had significant improvement in everything except growth. I think she is going to remain a runt, but hopefully a healthier runt. Alice, the next sized kitten, is almost a pound larger than Cuddles now. You can see in this photo how much smaller her head is compared to the other kittens. Anyway, they are all a handful (in most cases, two handfuls).

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The BackDoor Kittens: Polly, Cuddles, Alice and Bart