Friday, December 25, 2009

Apple Washcloth

Apple Washcloth
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Here's another cute washcloth completed earlier this week just in time to send off to my sister. I'm sure I'll make this pattern again. I used Lion Brand cotton and size 6 circs. Forgot to measure but roughly 8-9 inches square.

Link to pattern used:

Turkey Washcloth (Improved photo)

Same washcloth as before. Turkey shows up much better using the portable Ott light. Definite keeper pattern. I'll be doing this one again.

Here's a link to the pattern.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


We have our first blizzard of the year now. There's a good 4 inches of fluffy snow in the back yard. Tonight, we will have thundersnow, so Rudolph is going to have to duck. Apparently, we have Texas to blame. They are sending their warm, moist air this way.

I don't have to go anywhere. I don't have to shovel. I am just sitting hear looking at gentle little flakes falling to the ground. I do have to make some candied nuts today, otherwise, I hope to be continuing work on that quilt and figuring out what went wrong with my latest washcloth. It was coming out all wonky shaped, but since it was a mystery, I can't be sure if that was deliberate or not. In any case, I have to practice a few knitted bobbles before redoing them on the washcloth. Mine came out more like tight little knots and that was probably not what was intended.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coughing and I'm SICK of IT!

Whine ahead....
This coughing just never comes to an end. I knew this would happen again. I know it's going to last 5-6 months. I just hate it though because it makes quilting and even sock knitting, really, really hard. Ok..
End of whine.

I've been quilting away on the Winter Fun quilt. Made another mistake that I need to take out, but it looks like I will finally be finished with one side and can move on to the other. I am doing the border last. I seem to have some wavy issues there, so decided to wait until I was complete and work those out before I quilt them. It's a lovely all-over pattern, so any fix will pretty much disappear with the quilting. What is different on this wallhanging than other quilts, is that I'm doing a lot more quilting on it and more patterns. I'm trying out stuff I hadn't done before as well as perfecting that really small stippling.

The Ladybug Afghan is still not done, but close. I have finished all the wings and about 2/3rds of the bodies. I made the bodies in the wrong size, so had to do those over. Still have the flowers and all the wing spots to do. Maybe I'll focus on wing spots tonight as I find them impossible to do as a take-a-long. After that, it's really just a lot of hand sewing. My goal is to finish by the end of the year so that I can start something new.

Already joined Team Minnesota for the Ravolympics in February on Ravelry. I may join more than one group, but this will be the official one. My plans, at this time, are all small knitted projects. I will have a UFO (any pair of unfinished socks), a new toy (robot), and a pet project (a new felted Pi bed using Wendy Johnson's newer pattern). I'm putting all the patterns, tools and yarn into a bright red, zippered tote. Not only will I be able to find it come February, but Polly has not yet figured out how to open this particular tote, so the yarn will remain there. I really do get a lot done during this periods een if I'm not watching it on TV. I get VERY frustrated with the coverage. I missed a major upset the last time in skiing because they cutaway before the event was finished. Arrgggh... I have never skiied (I'm too clumsy and know better), but I love to watch it.

Cat Wash Cloth

Cat Wash Cloth
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Used Lion's kitchen cotton on size 6 circulars. Seed stitch border. OK.. I think it is time to get rid of the sticks. The circs were SO much easier on my arthritic thumbs! I liked this particular cat. It reminded me somewhat of a Siamese and we have been owned by 2 of those in childhood. I plan to do this one again, but in a 2 tone as a hot pad. In any case, this one will also be going to my sister as a test washcloth.

I really, really need to add better lighting. For all 3 of these projects, I plan to add links to the free directions as well as a link to the KAL. You can also access the KAL via Ravelry. Just type in knitdishcloths in the search for Group.

Santa Hat Washcloth

Santa Hat Washcloth
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The first of 2 KALs for December. This is a Santa hat made from Sugar and Creme using size 7 needles. Garter stitch border. Cute, cute, cute. This will be going to my sister, who has requested knitted washcloths, as a test item. I previously made her just an ordinary garter stitch diagonal dishcloth and she loved that.

My photo isn't so good, but better than the one I did before. I need to figure out how to get the lighting just right.

Turkey Washcloth

Turkey Washcloth
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I rejoined a washcloth group and I made a turkey for the first project! This was part 1 of 2 washcloths for a November KAL. Made with Lion's kitchen cotton and size 6 needles. Cute, cute, cute. I had given up on picture washcloths before because, well, the picture didn't come out. I am a loose knitter and by going down a couple of sizes, it's coming out perfect.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Continuing Quilting Projects

Some new purchases and continued slow work on projects.

I am on No Buy for a year at Stashbusters and this includes books. I can buy B's - backing, background and Batting. I'm also on No Buy for books, but for every 2 quilting books I part with, I can get one. I traded off 2 quilting books at PaperbackSwap this week, so I was able to include a new quilting book in my Amazon order. Honestly, I SHOULD get rid of half my quilting books, but that is too painful of a process. I'll go in bits and pieces.

Butterfly Album: Monarchs & More by Bea Oglesby is the only book I've seen that focuses on appliqueing monarchs. Lots of details to add extra pizzaz to even a plain butterfly block, which is what I was looking for. I'm really taking to applique. I just need to spend more time doing it.

For fabric buys, I got some gold background for doing Bonnie's current mystery. I have plenty of Christmas fabrics in red and green, some solids in tan, but I had no gold background. So, now that I have that, I will be able to start cutting by Monday. If you want to participate, here's the link: Just go at your own pace, she will keep the instructions up until June. To keep the mystery, just don't click on the next step until you are done with the current one.

Mill End still has the 60% coupon thing going on, so my gold background wasn't very expensive at all. My Mom wants me to make her some cotton jammies, so I have to go back next week and select something for her. Of course, since I get the scraps that will likely bias me as to which fabric I will select. :), blue, jungle animals? We shall see. Someone emailed me about Mill End Textiles. No, this is not quilt shop fabric. It compares very favorably with the better quality cottons at both Joann's and Hancock's and I don't hesitate to use it, but I wouldn't use it with primarily quilt shop fabrics just because the feel is different.

I'm still working on socks. I hope to get ONE pair done by the end of the year and that will be the pair I just started last week! There is no design to follow. Just straight sock knitting reusing yarn from an earlier project start. Then I will stop trying to participate in the sock KAL and finish all the ones I have started. After all, I really want to wear them while it is cold! I'm beginning to understand why some people now ONLY do the two-at-a-time method! I'm in!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Shopping Continues

Using another Mill End coupon, I bought the background fabric I needed for Bonnie's new Mystery. It's expensive going on No Buy for a year, but by limiting myself to buying only the B's only (background, backing, batting), I'm saving a bundle. I am also on no buy for quilting books, although I will get something quilting related with the Christmas money I have. Honestly, I should really clear out half my book collection because I really don't have the space, but it's hard to give them up.

Spent THREE days fixing the Winter Fun quilt. I did a fabulous job of a shingle pattern on the house roof and then realized that the white roof was supposed to indicate a snowdrift. Had to take it all out and now I'm ready to requilt it tomorrow. I'm free forming various patterns in all the white spaces. Yes, some are leaves because I couldn't think of how to do a feather. My plan for tomorrow is to finish quilting this half and then, pinning the other half. Then I need to spend the rest of the day cleaning up and putting stuff away. Really needs it.