Sunday, October 18, 2009

Train Quilt is Done!

Here's the final photo of the Train Quilt. Hard to get it all to fit in! The primary pattern is Square-in-a-Square. The final measurements are 45x96 inches, perfect for a recliner. I used 2 layers of Soft n Crafty Hi Loft and tied it using Cascade 220 wool yarn. I agree that I didn't trim the blocks correctly, but nobody seems to notice that around here (if you can't see it from the photo, it doesn't exist, right? I used 5 different train fabrics on this (still have one left over to use somewhere else) and as always, I used some solid colored fabric to give the eye some place to rest as well as frame the novelty fabrics. The backing is just a plain brown flannel from Joann's. The kitties, especially Bart, already approve of the quilt.

If you have never done square in a square, here is a link. I recommend making your squares 1/4 inch larger and trim to correct size (1/4 inch beyond edge extra for sewing line).

QuiltTrain Quilt Closeup

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