Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh, To Be Home Again!!

Finally, I am back home!  Brought a lot of produce from my sister's garden/orchard, so will be doing some canning tomorrow. At the very least, will be making a couple of apple pies.

On the knitting front, I am working on a sock from Ravelry's annual SuperSock Scarefest.  I'm still working on the first sock.  I've finished the leg and have just started the heel, but had to rip back because something was going awry.  I think I miscounted somewhere as the K1 Sl1 was not resulting in any kind of ribbed look. 

I have sewn half of the binding to the back on my BIL's quilt.  If I can find the thread, I am going to work on it tonight while listening to an audiobook.  I really SHOULD be going through my junk mail and tossing, but I just don't have the attention span for that today.  Besides, my kitty has been missing me and she will plop herself either next to me or on the quilt.

I noticed that my brother's cats sat weirdly due to many hours of watching birds on a hard surface.  So, I placed a quilt there and that awkward stance mostly vanished after a few weeks.  Clearly, something was needed here.   Since I wanted the quilt back, the cats needed new padding. 
Window Cats
Gus and Walter (both a tad over a year old) on my quilt.

I needed 2 pads and a bolster.  The first pad was a wide one to give room for 2 cats.  I also needed a bolster because the window ledge was 3 inches below the table.  The pads were constructed of leftover flannel from quilts and some ugly camo fabric my sister had acquired as part of an auction.  I made a square pillow for the bolster, but sadly, one end is quite wonky.  The cats don't care as you can see in the photo below with Walter lounging.
Walter resting between events

In addition, I made a cat pad for Ashley, who is about 16 years old. She was recently diagnosed with arthritis and even a favorite chair sort of cripples her up when she naps.  She loved this pad the moment I put her on it. The side she is currently sleeping on is flannel. The other side is fleece (Univ. of MN) which she may prefer when it gets colder. I hope it makes up for the fact that she no longer has my sewing machine rolling cart to sleep on. 
Sleepy cat