Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Baby Afghan Completed!

Even despite illness, I managed to finish the baby afghan! I need a better photo. No matter where I try to take a photo, I can see dirt from the potted plants (all due to the Potsticker who insists on sleeping in plant pots). I haven't washed this afghan yet, so it's not a problem.
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Here's the details. The afghan is 32 x 32 inches. I knit loosely, so used a size 7 circular needles. The finished product used 2 skeins of Bernat Sweet Stripes in Candy. While the pattern is not new and unique, it's easier to print it off from the Bernat site, so I'm providing a link for the pattern details. It's free to join.


Sari said...

Looks nice!
And really cute kittens!!!!

Guinifer said...

Your blanket is really sweet.