Sunday, January 31, 2010

Floral Triple Irish Chain completed!

Yep. My goal was the end of the month and I made it, barely. Here's a photo of the completed quilt. The final quilt is 73x87 inches. I used Warm and Natural batting. Most of the fabric came from stash including the back! Woo hoo!! I meander quilted amongst all the floral fabrics and used an enlarged motif from Quiltmaker's Motif Book #1 for the center white squares. I echo quilted around them and finished off with meanders and leaves.

I completed the top right after the swap at QATW in April 2005. Pinned it in 2007. Yep. Takes me awhile, doesn't it?

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Will update with better photo when the sun comes out again.

This is a very easy quilt to do. The directions at Quilter Cache are very good, but she is doing 2 inch strips and I did 2.5 inch.
This link has instructions closer to what I did using the 2.5 inch strips.


Rose said...

This is very beautiful...good quilts always have so simmer a while before they are finished.

Anonymous said...

That quilt is simply BEAUTIFUL! Makes my heart flutter! gg

Mom2three said...

Stunningly beautiful and inspirational! I would love to do one of these - maybe for my daughter when she marries. Since she's only 17, I have a couple of years to work up the courage to do this. Thanks for including the links!