Saturday, January 16, 2010

Progress on Projects

I'm happy to report that I'm typing to you from a brand new computer!! Seems many of the problems I was having were do to a failing motherboard. So, I now have a spiffy new computer. Alas, not everything is loaded up yet (especially Itunes). Since I was mostly deprived of computer time this week, I made up for it in progress on projects.

Quilting: I'm working on 2 UFOs and a new project. I have done about 80% of the quilting on my Floral Triple Irish Chain from last Spring. Mostly meander quilting, but I'm putting a nice motif in the white centers. I am also working on my 2nd oldest UFO. I believe I started it in 1994. This was a ship wallhanging that had really bad quilting on it due to a failing sewing machine. I've spent just tons of time removing all that quilting and finished tonight. This week, I hope to complete the quilting on both of these items. My new project is Grandma's Bunnies. I have cut all 27 bunnies from freezer paper and am in the process of making kits to work on when watching TV. The pattern is from Darcy Ashton. You can still get it from her site at

Grandma's Bunnies by Darcy Ashton (an applique quilt)

Knitting: Trying to finish a complete pair of socks! Am too easily distracted by washcloths.

Crochet: Have 4 more ladybug black bodies to attach. I discovered that I failed to crochet around the wings, so am fixing that as well as making spots and attaching them. This week's goal is to complete the ladybug blocks. Then I can work the flowers.

Cross-stitch: Not a darn thing. Gotta get my act together on this!

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