Monday, February 27, 2006

Closing Ceremonies

The Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics are now complete. Unfortunately, my UFOlympics project is not. I really underestimated how long it takes to do these ladybugs and the 35 rows between them! However, I do have 8 out of the 18 complete now. It is still looking very cute. My attenae look odd on some of them, but that will straighten out after it's been washed. I'm going to keep on knitting and maybe, just maybe, I can get this project done during March.
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What I did finish during the Olympics was the Anubis cross-stitch that I was doing for my other sister's birthday. A birthday that was delayed because everybody here was sick (and several still are 14 days later!).
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Design by Julie Hasler. Stitched on 18 ct ivory Aida using DMC floss.

Here is Thoth and Anubis with the frames that they will be installed into. I was really happy to find these so quickly and inexpensively. These designs are by Julie Hasler.
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Glenda said...

Stephanie, congrats on finishing your sister's Anubis--that's a very cool, unusual pattern. And good luck with the lady bugs! I can tell that they're a lot of work, but they look really cute.