Sunday, February 26, 2006

Steered Off Course

I'm way behind on ladybugs, so clearly won't be finishing before the end of the Olympics. However, just like the cross country skiers, I'm just going to keep going! I have two panels to go. I am happy to report that I finally was able to follow the relay skating by the 30th lap. Really confusing before that, but I put down my knitting and could finally follow it. Oh, and happy cheers for the Curling Team (they come from MN)! I still don't understand curling as a sport, but it is a whole lot more interesting to watch than golf!

On the plus side, I did finish Anubis and even found frames for the pair. I will add photos of my completions tomorrow.

Finally, I should mention that although I combined my craft blogs, I do have a separate one for recipes. I started it mostly because MSN offered the space and I wanted to try their product. Here's the link:

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