Sunday, February 19, 2006

Getting Through The Qualifying Rounds

Fellow UFOlympians! We have now completed Day 8 of the games and I am happy to report my stalled progerss is moving forward again. Much to my astonishment, I found the missing Cherry Red yarn and was able to finally finish the last ladybug on the first panel. I still have another 15 or 20 rows of white to finish off the panel. Today, I get to go right to a ladybug as I had already knit the beginning of the next panel. I'm having trouble getting the darn knitting not to roll, but here's the panel. In the center is the beginning of the next panel. Where are the red panels, you might ask? I've got all of those as well! Safely in a box next to my knitting chair. This cold is still dogging me, but I just continue to do what I can. My concern is that I still have 12 ladybugs to get through. It took 8 days to finish 4. Hmmm....
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Anubis is also coming along well. He is more than 60% done. I got an awful lot done on him yesterday (before I found the red yarn) including all the backstitching and the symbols on the side. I figured out yesterday that the Aida is photographing the way it is due to a fluorescent fixture directly above. Why the lines of Aida are distorted today is a mystery as it is straight in the frame.
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Cynthia said...

Glad you were able to save the day with your extra knitting needle and found yarn! Those ladybugs are adorable.