Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FMQ with Diane Gaudynski

Here's a photo of my square using Diane Gaudynski's instructions to make a feather. This takes a good deal more practice than I thought. I did 10 pages of feathers with a sharpie and they were looking pretty good. When I get to the machine, they tend to look like leaf fronds. They are the nicest leaf fronds I have ever made, so I'm still proud of the progress. I also didn't turn my square (you aren't going to do that when you have a queen sized quilt), which was very helpful since practicing on small stuff doesn't always work take it to your larger project. All in all, I'm very happy with my progress, but I need to really practice that teardrop shape.

I tossed the other 3 squares that I did, but this one came out nice enough to make it into a mug rug. What I'm thinking of doing is taking the thread out of the machine and practice making tear drops with just the needle and paper. In the meantime, leaf fronds.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blocks and Small Bag

More blocks done on the 2012 QATW Mystery quilt. Here are blocks 11 through 14.

Yankee Puzzle and Bear Paw


QATW Block (modified churn dash) and Whirlpool

Also, I had a 9 by 18 piece of quilted leaves left from last months freeform quilting project. I decided to make a little bag. It looks great if you don't look too closely. I definitely have to learn a little more about bag assembly. I was trying to make a box bottom - at least you won't get lint caught in the corners! Note that I used the side that FEATURES the quilting instead of trying to hide it. My leaves are so much better after last month's class. Tomorrow, you will see the results of this month's class - feathers. The finished bag is about 8.5 inches wide by 9.75 inches long.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another BOW Block done!

I'm changing this to the BOW for Block of the Week since it has way more than 12 blocks and we are getting a new one weekly. So, Block number 9 is Card Trick. I added yet another new holiday fabric in this one. Now I think I have a good 5 yards of holiday fabric choices, so should be able to handle even a scrappy border. I also continue to alter between 2 white-on-white fabrics. I'll have another to add to the mix. I need to cut out background blocks for a chicken BOM.

QATW BOM Block 9

Friday, February 10, 2012

Block #8 of the QATW 2012 BOM

Here's another one. Lady of the Lake!! I might make this a second time with the light/dark center instead of the solid/patterned center and see which I like. The holiday fabrics all kind of read the same and using gold had too much punch, IMHO. I don't expect to do any sewing tomorrow - if I can at least get the Apple Core quilt laid out and reading to pinbaste, I will be happy. Lots of other stuff I need to work on. Sis is coming next week to help me with more house projects (such as putting up hardware for new curtains).


Promises, Promises The Apple Core Quilt Top

Finally, photos!! These, even despite the darned wind. I hope to start pin basting tomorrow. Yep. That is NO SNOW. Still. We do have some little piles here and there, but for the most part, still a poor snowing here in MN.

Apple Core Quilt Top, Top done Feb 2012. Hand pieced during 2011/12 at appointments.
Pinned on clothesline sideways. It is 24 x 28 rows.

Apple Core Closeup, Closeup of top
Closeup of some of the fabrics.

In addition, if you look at the post a day or two ago, I have added a page from the Linda Causee book so that you can see why it's such a great book for me.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

More BOM Blocks

Here's blocks 6 and 7 for the (QATW) 2012 BOM. I'm doing mine in a selection of holiday fabrics. I have a couple of white on whites to use up from other projects for my background and most of the holiday fabrics have quilter's gold in them.

I used the book 400 Quilt Blocks to sew in 20 Minutes or Less by Linda Causee. This book is fabulous if you can find it. It has about 300 (plus color variations) different blocks and includes instructions for cutting them in 3 different sizes. I was a bit floored that it sells on and elsewhere for more than $80. I bought mine at a used book store for $9.98.


For the Dresden Plate, I finally used my Darlene Zimmerman template. Wasn't quite as easy as I'd hoped to sew it right the first time. The blades go together very swiftly, but it is very fussy with all those bias edges. Still, I plan to make a couple of gift quilts using this.

QATW BOM Block 7

Finally, yes, yes, yes, the Apple Core quilt top is done. I finished it Monday, but I've been sick all week. I've had a lot of improvement today, so if it sunny, you will see a photo tomorrow! That final row and the Dresden Plate is all the quilting I've done this week. Anyway, the other good news is that my sister came over last weekend and I have a new closet, all freshly painted! Sis actually did most of the work, but she will benefit since I now can find batting for those wallhangings I've planned. Now, all the leftover batting is stored on the top shelf, and project containers on the next. I also have 2 large heavy duty shelves covering one side of the closet. Right now, quilts and afghans are just folded there. Old sewing machine is underneath. Not sure what to store in the rest, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. That's about it for today.

[edited to add] Here's a photo of a page from Linda Causee's book. As you can see, it gives instructions in 3 different sizes as well as piecing instructions intended for an experienced beginner.
Page from book, example of page from Lynda Causee's book