Sunday, November 28, 2010

Garden Party Almost

A UFO project is progressing! I've been working on finishing this swap top called Garden Party from Spring 2009. That pieced sashing takes FOREVER. I think I went through 5 short audio books to finish it. Still to do are the borders (and a better photo). I'm definitely thinking of tying this quilt, since the idea is to use it in the Spring (in March, we still have snow, usually). On the other hand, the quilting on this would be pretty simple - just another large quilt to mostly meander on.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crocheting Near Finish!

Just thought I'd show you some progress on the crochet front. Here's a photo of the Granny Square afghan. I've completed the body. I still need to work in ends and then do the edging. I plan to make some crocheted kitties to attach and personalize this afghan. This is just brainless crochet for someone as experienced as I am, but it sure looks nice. I still have a LOT of leftover green and pink, so yes, I'll be making another one. I cannot BELIEVE how many skeins I bought thinking I wouldn't have enough and of course, Mom then wanted a change of green. I don't know who the final afghan will go to, but it will be my main project in December. I still cannot knit due to my arm pain, so a good time to work on the project.

I use a BASIC GRANNY SQUARE pattern and change colors every row. I'll include more instruction when I finish the afghan. Right now, I'm thinking of going with my favorite scall0ped edging. I'm going to first consider some of the edging options in 50 Crocheted Afghan Borders. I was hoping for something more like a flat braid, but using an H hook, that doesn't always work in a larger size. We'll see. I'll experiment tonight.

Granny Progress

Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, injured arm anyway. Last week, I fell on the patio rushing around so that I could get to the fabric store before it closed. Didn't seem like a problem in the hour after I fell. It has been a big problem all week. I still can't use a rotary cutter. Picking up a 6x24 inch ruler with the right hand -nuh uh...not happening. Today was the first day I could crochet, and it hurt some, but I got quite a bit done.

So, I decided to focus on applique and machine sewing things already cut out for the weekend. I hope to post some finished blocks tomorrow and Sunday. Lots of snow expected. I'm staying in with my cocoa.