Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Non-Craft Post

Yes, this is a totally non-craft post, but I'm so excited. Some months ago, I spent eons talking myself out of buying something. Finally, caved and then Amazon was OUT!! Wahhhhh!! Ok. I whined about that for a few weeks and then discovered the item on Ebay. I immediately bought one. It came today. I'm doing happy dances all over the place! Here's my find!

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In case you haven't figured it out, I'm a total Garfield fan. I'm not excessive (I have only a couple of Garfield trinkets), but this was sortof an ideal useful item! The jelly donut is a cup warmer, so this is a great treat for me while knitting or crocheting. For quilting or scrapbooking, I have a special cupholder (Creative Memories) or I end up with scraps in my cup. It's true, I have way too many coffee cups, but I tend to mostly drink out of only 4 cups. Now 5! Anyway, happy dance, happy dance. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Rectangular Granny Afghan is Finished!

I'm happy to report yet another project completed! This time, it's the Rectangular Granny Afghan that I made for my Dad. This is really a nice take-a-long project until it gets too big (then you need a rolling cart). Anyway, I did 50 rounds using an H hook of Red Heart yarn in dark thyme, celery, and black, with leftover white yarn filling in (different brands). I did a final round of sc. Final result is about 55x70 inches (will update when I actually measure it-kitties sleeping on it right now).
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If you are interested in this pattern, Erin has provided step by step pictorial instructions on making it. Thanks Erin, this was a great pattern!

Cuddles is feeling much better despite still itching. She's back to beating up her brothers. Here she is assisting in removing the plastic winter window insulation. We weren't ready to remove it yet, it still being the heating season, but it's good to know that she is a helper cat.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not Too Much Happening

I'm getting a lot of crocheting done on the Granny Rectangle Afghan. Two nights with a relative in the Emergency Room does that. I am really glad the members of my little crochet/knitting group talked me into getting that rolling cart for my knitting/crocheting. Made it very easy to tote my huge project with me as I got to sit for hours, then move to another waiting room and wait for hours. I am not complaining, mind you. I just wish there was easier access to good tasting coffee in the off-hours. They didn't even have Diet Coke.

I have 5.5 more rounds to finish so will be posting that completed project soon!! This tote frankly, wasn't particularly useful around home, but wow, it works great for waiting rooms with space! If you do afghans in one piece (as opposed to motif-by-motif), or adult sweaters, you may find this tote handy for taking it with you. I still would primarily use my softsided briefcase as it takes up much less space, but it's nice to know that this does work nicely. It is inexpensive and is sold both at Joann's stores and online.
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Joann's Craft Essentials Rolling Yarn Tote

On the kitty front, we're having a lot of troubles with Cuddles and constant scratching. We are treating her for mites and the main living area for fleas (precaution since we know mamacat had fleas). Thankfully, I don't have to treat my craft areas! She looks terrible just now with so much of her undercoat scratched off. She will receive her 3rd injection next week. I hope we are over the hump. Too much stuff for such a little kitty. Cleo-Claudine (mamacat) had her spay last week. Slow recovery, but she is good now. The two calico kitties hiss at her like they think she is a new cat. The other three just assume it's Mom. Oh well.

Everything that comes into the house becomes a new toy. The latest is the vanity purchased for a basement bathroom. There are usually two in the bowl. The plastic is still on the vanity providing a slight bit of protection, but actually they use it to better leap up onto the sink. Here's Alice in her wild-cat phase. They really like it when I turn them around in circles on the smooth ceramic.
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I had a quilting class last week that features a scrappy modified Courthouse Steps which is a Log Cabin variation. Here's a photo of a few of the blocks that I've finished. This is primarily a stash quilt from fat quarters won a couple of years ago. I'll have to supplement with some of my other stash. I bought a very pretty beige-touch-of-yellow sashing for this to keep it bright.
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Crochet Swap

Finished my swap and mailed everything. Here's examples of the two 8 inch squares that I made. The one on the right is slightly curled, but that goes away after a day or so letting the yarn settle down. I used the same flower pattern that I used in Mom's afghan for the second sans the leaves. This was fun. I hope to participate in another!

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Here's the Potsticker (temporary name). As much as I wanted to call her Mittens, I have now bowed to family pressure to come up with a 'better' name. So, I'm working on it. I'm thinking something Russian or Celtic. She has very thick, but short fur. She loves her pot, but it's clear that she is going to outgrow it in a couple of months.
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Now, before you think we have only one cat in a pot, here's Alice in a hanging pot. I thought that she leaped from the computer, but later saw her climb the palm tree and leap from that. Unfortunately, she is likely to be a smaller cat than out Potsticker, so will be able to do this for longer. We are still puzzled as to how she got on top of the Grandfather's clock. The shell hanging is supposed to be in the bathroom, but the kittens were trying to climb it (lower hook) so temporarily relocated in this area.

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Finally, Cuddles takes over the top of the computer. Trying to keep her off is really hard although I keep trying. It's warm. It has a preinstalled toy (the leaves of the palm tree).
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