Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Olympic Finish!

Sexy Red Socks
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Finished my Sexy Blood Red Socks for Team Trueblood in the Sock Hockey event this morning. They fit nicely, although I probably should have stopped an inch earlier with the red.

I made these with Woolease and an unknown eyelash yarn bought at the yarn shop. They are done toe up with size 4 needles.

I adapted the pattern from Cuffed Fur Socks from Lion Band Yarns. I am grateful to the gal at Not Another Knit Hat for her formula for toe up socks, which made adapting this pattern a breeze!

I am now off to do some cleaning and then to start my Buffy Potholder this afternoon. I found it impossible to knit this thing in a recliner. I need to just lay the chart on a table and knit from there. Not so comfortable, but it will get done. Chances on doing the robot are small, but not out. Depends on the Buffy Potholder.

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