Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grumpy Witch Quilt is DONE!

I always seem to be apologizing for my photos and today is no different. However, I will update these with better photos when the sun comes out.

I finished the Grumpy Witch quilt a couple of days ago. I've been waiting for the sun to come out so that I could take good photos, but, alas, not only is it not out, but the ground is pretty wet as well. So, here it is! I entirely machine stitched the binding using a type of zig zag. Yes, I prefer the hand stitched look, but with bursitis issues, I thought it was time to start learning to do it with the machine. My corners are horrible. I can live with that, but I need to practice on smaller projects so that the next quilt will have better corners. The only thing I regret on this quilt is using a solid black border. Just not something to do when you have cats with white fur. I'll live with it though. The bats came out pretty good. Quilt is about 76x96 inches.

Cat help as always.

Closeup of the quilting. I did modified feathers in sashing and spiderweb in the center witch blocks with a filler stitch in the rest of the block. Thanks again to Leah Day and her wonderful videos for doing filler stitches.
Here's a closeup of the bats that I quilted around the whole border.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Won!! I Won!! I Won!!

One of my local quilt shops had a drawing to celebrate their 7th anniversary. I won one of the quilts!!! It's called Autumn Braid. The leaf fabric that surrounds the braids is very sumptuous color with quilter's gold. Just makes this quilt sing. This quilt will be going on Mom's bed, at least until Christmas season, which obviously is not far off. I'd really like to find a good place to hang it though. So exciting!! I couldn't believe it. Sometimes my impulse buying of quilting stuff pays off. (he he he )

Autumn Braid

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Quilting Guild Photos

Here's a visit to my quilt shop quilting guild. They are so fast with that camera!! Most of the photos here are either things I admire or plan to make in future (at least one is already in progress).

Recognize this?

Beautiful use of Asian fabrics

One color!!

On my UFO list

Perfect for scrap asian or themed fabrics

How's this for the BACK of a quilt?

This quilter always has the greatest miniature quilts.

A great way for me to use some of those fabulous christmas FQs I haven't used.

This is just to remind me that I bought this pattern just to use up halloween fabric

I am progressing on the Witch quilt. The first row is entirely quilted, the 2nd and 3rd rows partially done. It's going pretty smoothly. I expect the Apple Core Quilt to progress a lot this week - it is part of the QATW UFO project this month as well as having 2 appointments this week (it is, after all, the take-a-long project).