Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm Still Breathing!

Hi all. It's been an age since I have posted. I will soon post some photos.  Remodeling is keeping me from quilting, but I have been steadily, but slowly, cross stitching on a simple fairy pattern.  On the next rainy day, I'll be working on redoing squares on a crochet afghan that stalled.  Otherwise, now that the snow is nearly gone, yardwork will be taking over for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, if you cross-stitch, you might want to visit this site. Lots of patterns, but if you are particular about copyright, don't go there. That said, many of the patterns there have been out of print for ages.
CatDragon invite you to Cross Stitch
Ch Crossstitch

That's it for now! Oh.. what do you think about using these for my summer curtains?  I made two sets. One was slightly too small. The second set went astray in the mail so never arrived for the swap.  They arrived about a month ago having been sitting in a Missouri post office (they were supposed to be in Tennessee, I think). Anyway, I've already completed the quilt top that they were to be used in, so I thought..huh...curtains for my bedroom. What do you think? They are 6x8 inch finished.