Wednesday, April 21, 2010

House Socks

House Socks
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Finished these quick to do socks last night. They are shortie socks with ribbing all the way down the instep. Fit really nice and cushy.

Made from Woolease Denim (left over from afghan) on size 8 double pointed needles from the top down. Used the pattern "Baba's Bed Socks". Love the socks, hate the double pointeds. Will do again, but using 2 circs. Pattern does fit my size 10 wide feet, but I would add an additional inch to the width and knit to 1 inch length required before starting toe. Reductions are just too fast to to accommodate the 2 inches mentioned in the pattern.

Baba's Bed Socks pattern

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Quilting

I'm plugging away on the Fishbowl quilt. I tried several different quilting styles on the bowls and nothing looked as good as the meander, so that is what they are getting. It's because I am making myself use the variegated thread. I KNOW everybody will wonder why I have an issue with it, and I guess it is personal preference. I just don't like variegated thread. However, I have 5 spools and a cone of it and I gotta use it. Looks good in the border, however.

If you have read substantial portions of my blog, you know that I love quilt-as-you-go methods because they are just easier - sometimes more time consuming, but easier for a large quilt. Quilter Andrea has created a step-by-step that is VERY clear for anybody who wants to put blocks together after quilting. Here is the link and I will keep it over in the side bar under my quilting links.

Quilt As You Go Tutorial

Tonight, I'm working on the Baba's socks while recording V for my brother. Sorry, bro, but I just don't like 'V'. But, I am taking commercials out, so I hope you enjoy it.

I won't be getting the Ladybug afghan done by the 15th. Can't find my stupid knitting bag. It's gotta be under something and probably staring me in the face, but I just can't find the darn thing. Just another reminder that I have too much stuff.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Waterfall Quilt is Done!

Completed the Waterfall Quilt last night!! Yet another UFO DONE!

The pattern is Waterfall and from Mystery Weekend #18 in June 2006 at Yep, took me 4 years to get it done! It's been pinned for at least a couple of years - I just couldn't decide how to quilt it. It is 64.5x76 inches. I would have liked it a little longer, but it was a Mystery and I'm happy with it anyway.
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Here's a closeup. Yes, the backing is upside down. Looks great anyway. I did echo quilting around the diamonds - really emphasizes them.
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Projects and Near Dones

Lots of things I have been working on when I should be doing other things. Just finished attached the binding to the front of the Waterfall quilt, so that is an almost finish. I expect that I will finish it in a few days. For the first time, I finally used the instructions for making continuous bias binding from a rectangle. Went very smooth. I learned from the last time - just make more than you need and save the leftover for some scrap quilt or potholders.

Started a pair of Baba's Bed Socks finally using leftover blue Woolease. The instructions say to cast on using 2 strands of yarn. Ok... remind me to never again try to do this using 2 ends of the same skein. It works, but it was just a dumb thing to do. My only excuse was that I was rushed. I couldn't find my knitting bag and I needed a take-along and it was the only thing where I could quickly nab yarn, needles and instructions and zoom off. I foolishly only grabbed ONE skein of yarn. Anyway, this is a top down on double pointed needles pattern. I finished the cuff and since it goes right to the heel, I expect, it won't take too long to do.

My goal has been to finish the ladybug afghan by April 15, so I really have to get a move on that one. I'm at a point where everything needs to be done at home, so I have my large clipboard to hold the background piece while I attach. Periodically, I have to stop and make more spots for wings. They are tougher than they seem to make because of the black, but the stitches themselves aren't particularly complicated.