Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Last year, my resolutions worked pretty good until around September. No complaints there - I accomplished a lot until then. So, here's the 2011 resolutions.

1. Do something quilty every day for at least a few minutes.
2. Complete 6 Halloween tops.
3. Sell or trade 60 craft books and patterns (part of library reduction)
4. Yarn NO BUY for crocheting (need to finish projects!)
5. Complete all sock UFOs
6. NO BUY on fabric except BOM, backgrounds and backing or to finish a project.

Quite honestly, number 6 is clearly my biggest problem, but I plan to pay someone else to quilt 2 or 3 of my quilts and the money has to come from somewhere. By not buying fabic, I can afford it. I would like to do something knitty every day, but due to the tennis elbow (both elbows!), I can't even knit now.

This year, I am also making a goal of getting rid of 2011 items. I have way too much stuff and need to cut back. I'm making a blog of it just to keep me going.