Friday, November 20, 2015

I finished something!

I finally completed a project!  Finished this a couple of weeks ago. I made a bunch of these Montessouri Math Mats.  2 different sizes.  They came out nice although I ran into some trouble due to shrinkage of the batting. I preshrunk the batting, but it was ready to shrink some more. Sigh.  Anyway, the teachers really liked these and the kids all wanted to choose these over the older ones, so I guess it went well. I'll be making more in the Spring.  Note: I have NO IDEA how they use these to teach math, but they sure look cute. This was the equivalent of making a queen sized quilt, so lots of work.  Thank goodness for a walking foot!
Math Mats, both sizes.

Each one includes gross grain ribbon for tying for storage.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sewing is Happening!

Finally sewing again.  I think I am past most health problems that I can do anything about.

For a first project, I'm making Montessori Math Mats for my Aunt's school.  They have more than enough of the beads, but wanted enough mats so that there was 1 mat for 2 kids. They simply can't afford more sets.  My aunt bought the materials and I'm making them.  Pictured is my sandwich which is taped to an old card table awaiting a new cover. Plain black on the bottom, Warm and Natural for the batting.  My sample has the binding coming up from the back, which will then be folded over and sewn down.  I have 3 more backs to cut to complete the pinbasting for the tops I have completed.

This is how you watch birds when you are a feline who is really, really, tired.  This is an afghan I made my Mom some years ago. I don't think she really liked it as it gravitated back to me.  Mom likes her afghans large, despite being a smallish person.  I made her one that she loves, so no problem.  In any case, this is the original Mile-a-Minute pattern. I probably made 6 of these in different colors.  They were a great lunchtime project at work.

The afghan above was made from the pattern below. You can still get it in electronic format over at Annies Attic.  Easy, easy pattern - I recommend it for an experienced beginner. While I found that using a slightly heftier yarn for the center (where there white is) gives the resulting afghan more stability, it isn't absolutely necessary. Great pattern, but I chose to make it wider and longer.