Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sock Knitting!

First, I had to abandon my previous socks as they were too big. I still plan to do them with that yarn, but just a temporary hold. In the meantime, I started my sock for the Socks From The Toe Up monthly challenge at Ravelry. This group is devoted to Wendy's patterns, both published and free on the net. This month it is Lace Ribbing. I'm using a Palette yarn from Knit Picks for this first challenge and size 1 needles. I don't know why I had so much trouble with the toe. I restarted 6 times and gave it a rest and then did it again twice this morning before I got it right. It still isn't perfect (I had to add some rows to have 32 stitches on both needles), but damnit, I'm not starting it again!

As I learned from the other sock, I have loose gauge, so am just following the instructions for a regular 8.5 inch sock. Then I'll check the fit and adjust if need be. I just can't knit 8 stitches to the inch and I can't knit with those 00 needles either. So, it's either 1 or 0 and I'll enjoy myself. I do plan to get circs later on so that I can knit with 2 circs instead, but I'm comfortable with doublepointeds. I do find it impossible to knit while watching TV. These no-line bifocals are just at the wrong level for my knitting and it's annoying. I just take my glasses off to knit. I am getting new frames for my other lenses (the ones for cross-stitching) and then I probably will have less problems. Gives me an excuse to listen to my audiobook.

Square In A Square

Yes, focus is my problem. Natch. Anyway, I did 2 sample blocks for my Dad's Train quilt and they look pretty nifty. The red has tracks in it. I like it fine, but it just seems to lack pop. Not sure yet what I will do, but I still have 3 other train fabrics to incorporate into this thing. My Square in a Squares are actually too generous, so I might have to cut that some. As this quilt is for sleeping in the recliner, I'm limited to 50 x 100 inches. A little awkward, but a regular twin is too wide.