Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wreath Wallhanging Done!

Yes, another project done! I completed this Wreath Wallhanging as a gift for my brother. It's about 28 inches square. The greens were purchased new, while the rest is from stash. The pattern is from a Mystery in Quiltmaker Magazine (2001?). I have actually made a 2nd top of the same pattern for me, but will have to quilt it after I've finished the crochet swap which I have to mail on Monday. What is nice about this small project is that it gave me an opportunity to try out some quilting motifs that I would like to use on larger bed quilts. Both were surprisingly easy to do by machine, although I may change the ribbons just a little bit. I have to check with my brother as to how he wants to hang this--I think he actually has decorative clips so no sleeve or tabs may be necessary.

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The center motif came from a Helen Squire in Helen's Copy and Use Quilting Patterns
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The ribbon motif comes from Quiltmaker Motifs volume 3.
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[edited to add] This pattern is now separately published by Quiltmaker and is available at their website. The title of the pattern is Yuletide Wreath.


buffalo chicken wing said...

How can I get a pattern for this projct?

Stephanie said...

This pattern was originally offered as a Mystery in 3 issues of Quiltmaker Magazine around 2001. They now offer it as a pattern for sale at their website. Here is a link to it. It is called Yuletide Wreath.