Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Knitting Book

Hey, I bought a knitting book! Don't get too many of those since most of my knitting is sweaters. But this is handy no matter what you make. Now, many of you probably have the original Knitter's Companion. This is the new and revised edition and, for me, a big improvement. I particularly like the section on weaving/sewing finished sections. Anyway, it was certainly worth my cash this time around. Although it looks like it's been around since last year, it just showed up at our Borders today and I bought it! At this point, I think I have plenty of knitting reference books. No reference book has everything you need, alas.
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I am still working on the baby afghan and I'm more than halfway done. When I have managed to decrease enough that my work stays on the needles better, I will provide a photo. It's going along slower, but I do try to do two rows daily as well as take it along to work on during dead time.

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Guinifer said...

The kitties are awfully sweet down below - how about Cameo for one of the Calicos? They seem so old fashioned.

I just bought Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitting - I'm hoping this will educate me and help me to finish a couple of sweaters I have laying around here in pieces.