Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's Getting Bigger!

Hi all! I'm still sick, but actually accomplishing a litte. Visited the doc and have drugs. Hopefully improvement will occur soon. I've been working on the baby afghan and that's coming along nicely. The edging comes out so nice! I have to take my brother to his medical appointment, so will get another 2 or 3 hours on it tomorrow. Nice, brainless knitting. I needed that. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Knitting notion organization can be a challenge. One of my current problems is that my storage solution for my circulars isn't working for me any longer. I have too much stuff and the container (a 4 inch ring binder with plastic see-through pencil cases) takes up too much room for what is stored inside (circulars). At the time, there were not really storage solutions for circulars, but a recent visit with the Patternworks catalog has brought up a few options for me to consider so that I can leave my bookshelf space up for books.

Here's what I'm considering that is premade. The least expensive is $18 and is this square, floppy holder. This is exactly what I do with the binder already. The problem is, I don't think it holds enough 'pages' to contain my variety of needles. My 32 inch circulars would have to be turned twice to fit. Patternworks does sell empty pages allowing you to use you own 'container.' Maybe I should adapt the cross-stitch zipper bag I bought that didn't work for me into something like this? Hmm. Still doesn't really help my 32 inchers.
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This one has some cool design features I really like despite the expense ($39). There's no zippers to deal with, easy open/close, cool fabric covering. Will easily hold multiple needles (you know, 16, 22 and 32 inch). The quilting gives some stability to the 'pages' so they aren't flopping around. It's also something I could potentially make myself using some fabulous quilting fabric on the outside and being sure that I have enough space for the 32 inchers. It appears to take up a lot less space than my current storage system. Still has the problem of curling every time you take it out.
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The final option ($20) that I'm considering is this one that hangs in the closet. Closet space I have. I don't have to have needles immediately at the ready; my closet is certainly close enough. I also like the fact that by not recurling the circulars into a pouch, I don't have to restraighten them for every project, thus they would last longer. However, I can help but think that it potentially could be easy to pull more than the needles I want out. Anybody ever try this? This is one that I can also make myself.
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Ok..more kitty photos! Here's what I have to contend with while computing. We are forever cleaning up dirt as a result of visitors in the plants. This one prefers it as her personal sleeping space. She does however, prove that she will make an excellent computer cat. Also, she has shown a definite preference for afghans over quilts. It's that fluffy Homespun, I'm sure.
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Finally, the naming issues. Look at this adorable kitten. My Mom named her Mittens. It took me a while to warm up to Mittens and now I like it. Now my sister wants to name her Julia. So, cast your comments folks! Should she be a Mittens or a Julia?
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snarflemarfle said...

I love that baby blanket! What pattern are you using? It looks so warm and so like candy!

Guinifer said...

If you put tin foil around the base of the plant, it may keep the cat out.

Not sure about the kitty name. Mittens, maybe.

claudia said...

The baby afghan is very pretty, the colors are great.

I like the name Mittens. Julia seems like a single color cat name to me, for some reason.

As far as the knitting needle storage thing goes, the quilted keeper looks like the best way to store your needles. But then what do I know...I can't learn to knit to save my life!

Anonymous said...

i vote Mittens for the kitty!