Friday, November 24, 2006

Farmers Daughter Quilt Done!

Another finish! Happy dance, happy dance.

I finished my sister's Farmer's Daughter Scrap Quilt today! It is all ready for her to sleep under tonight. I wish I had a better place to hang this to take photos, but I'm a victim of where the sun is located.
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OK, now for the details for this full-sized quilt that measures about 63x81 inches. This quilt used up nearly my entire box of 2.5 inch scrap squares for the center 9 patches. They are arranged mostly at random. There are lots of novelty fabrics included, making it very interesting. The star points are made of various dark greens and the backgrounds are various beiges and tans. The backing is split between flannel left over from my Maple Leaf Quilt and flannel purchased new. The flannels don't necessarily match, but they are sure soft. The batting is Joann's Soft and Crafty Hi Loft. The binding is left over fabric from my Maple Leaf quilt border. I used Cascade 220 wool yarn leftover from tying the Diamond Scrap quilt for my parents. Yep, this is pretty much a leftovers quilt.

This is sort of a test quilt since my sister washes and dries quilts often and usually uses the machine to do it. I want to see how well this batting stands up to that. I used Bonnie's instructions for making this quilt. I varied by using random squares since I wasn't using strips. I know this pattern as Farmer's Daughter, while Bonnie knows it as Sister's Choice, so don't get confused if you look up the directions.

If you want to make this quilt, here's the link:
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Closeup of quilt; pieced backing


claudia said...

That quilt is beautiful! Nice, nice work! Lucky sister!

soccertxi said...

WOW...Now I want to dive into that pile of scraps. I have a whole drawer full - to go with the pile of UFOs! I just love Bonnie's site. I started my 1st leaders-enders project today.

Angie said...

Love your quilt! Makes me want to start one right now...LOL

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