Sunday, November 19, 2006

Afghan and Kittens Are Bigger

I'm on the last section of tying my sister's quilt. I hope to finish tonight so I can start cutting the binding out. I have also finished quilting the second section of the Paddlewheel quilt and am clipping those many strings (side effect of using a walking foot, I guess). I also work on the Giant Granny Afghan while watching TV or Netflix movies. I have progress to show! I'm at 20 rows now, but do need to make it about twice as wide as it is now. Another member of the CrochetALong was using similar colors, but added black. I think the black adds a lot to the quilt so am adding that (it also stretches my dwindling supply of greens).
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Yes, it's time for more kitty photos. Here's the tired herd in the kitty cat condo. Right after I took this photo, I had to reach down and catch the black kitty from falling off. I put him back. He never woke up. Exhausting work being a kitten. The little tuxedo gal always wakes up when I start taking photos, but she's pretty cooperative.
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Here's a couple of portraits at 5 weeks. They now get to run up and down the hall and practice their Halloween cat manuevers (hissing, arching back, hopping, fizzing up fur) and are having a great time doing so.
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Guinifer said...

That little blue-eyed tuxedo girl is a heartbreaker!

Sari said...

Your kittens are SO CUTE!!!!