Monday, November 06, 2006

Getting Things Done

I am happy to report that I finished Mom's Rose Afghan last night. The original instructions included fringe but my Mom asked for a scalloped border. Today, so far, is a very dreary day, so I'll try for a photo this afternoon.

I'm also working on several quilting projects at once...not getting anything done but getting progress.

The kittens are so darn cute. All of a sudden, they started getting around easily, playing, scaling the wall of their enclosure. Just being kittens. I plan to take photos today, so hopefully will get them up right away!


Darlene said...

Nice blog. Like the patterens. Do you have any for little girls size 10-12 crocheted sweater with a cable. That's what my granddaughter ask for for christmas. She wants me to make it. I can't find one to make. I found a really cute on with a snowman on it but she wants a cable sweater. She is in the fifth grade and is learning to both knit and crochet.
my email address is My blog address is www.imthankfulforthethorns@ Hope to hear from you about the sweater. Darlene

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the comments Darlene. Unfortunately, I can't help you with clothing patterns as I don't crochet clothing (I knit those). I emailed you with a link to make crocheted cables so that you can use the pattern stitch to adapt something you might already have.