Sunday, August 27, 2006

Homespun Shawl is Done!

Another completed project by me! Here's the Homespun Shawl I've been knitting for awhile. I made it using Homespun yarn in the color Tudor (brown with bits of red, blue and bronze thrown in). Very warm and cozy. I enlarged it from the pattern with a resulting size of about 84 x 49 inches. The pattern used is a very traditional triangle shawl. The decorative holes along each side leave enough room to later add some decorative braid or ribbon.
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The only technical aspect of this project that was difficult was using oversized needles. If you've never used oversized needles, in this case size 13 circulars, I do find them somewhat hard on the hands. I did a baby afghan years ago using them and that was a hard project to finish! So, I don't recommend oversized needles for the long car trip unless you've tried them before.
If the above link doesn't work, go to and search Easy Triangle Shawl. They have instructions for both a crocheted and knitted version of this shawl.


SusanB said...

Your shawl is lovely. It's wonderful that you are finishing some of your WIPs. I've managed to finish a couple of old projects mixed in with the new ones and the Project Linus blankets.

Quilty Nurse said...

I LOVE that pineapple log cabin, what great colours. After making a log cabin with tiny logs, now when I see one all I can think is "What a lot of WORK!" But I can admire without wanting to make it. Thanks for sharing it.