Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Winter Fun Quilt Done!

Finished the Winter Fun wallhanging yesterday. The final piece is just shy of 52x52 inches. The blocks are from the Winter Fun block exchange at QuiltingAroundTheWorld.com last year. The only thing missing from this is a button for the door. Mom says she has one, so it will be added later. I did a lot of different freeform quilting on this and learned that I need to do them much larger or prewash the batting if I want it to show up as intended. Still, my goal for different textures did work nicely.

Winter Fun Wallquilt

Closeup of quilting. Used a lot of feathers and a sun center. I left some of the dark blue areas unquilted so that they would pop after washing and yes, they do.
Closeup of quilting

Closeup of quilting and open space. Quilted snowflakes and more areas, such as flying geese, left unquilted to pop. This was a fun project to practice on. Hope the Spring one comes out as good!
Closeup of quilting


Mary Ann Miller said...

Just beautiful. Great job!!

rhonda said...

my name is rhonda and i live on ky lake. i have a 45ft semi trailer full of fabric my stash... i need help in reducing this. none of my friends quilt so i need a buddy. can u help me...your quilt looks great. thanks rhonda

Stephanie said...

Rhonda, as I tell everybody who has overwhelming excessive stash, you need to join Stashbusters Group! Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stashbuster/ or http://www.stashbuster.com/ and join. Lots of ladies there that can help you figure out what to do with that huge quantity of stash!