Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ravelympics Preparations

If you knit or crochet, you probably know that the Ravelympics 2010 is soon to begin. I am a member of two teams: Team Minnesota and Team Buffy Staked Edward. See the cool logo? Team MN doesn't have one yet. You Twilight fans - don't get too upset. I am also thinking of joining Team TrueBlood. Buffy will likely stake Eric and Bill as well.

I have only seen a smattering of Buffy shows, so purchased, used, the entire Buffy and Angel series. I plan to marathon watch during the Olympics as they only cover my favorite skiing events at odd times. I really like watching the skiing and fancy skating.

I plan to do multiple SMALL projects this time around. I don't have to buy any yarn and I have all the tools. Nothing to buy. The only project I'm concerned about is the kitty Pi bed. I want to use Wendy Johnson's NEW pi bed pattern. I copied it from a book at the library and now can't find the pattern and the book has been checked out by someone else!! I made the old pattern (Huff and Spitty, my sister's cats, are featured on her gallery pages). If I can't find the pattern instructions, I'll just have to pass on this project until I can get the book again.

Here are the potential events I will be participating in. Obviously, I will ultimately only participate in 3 or 4, but it gives me a basis to figure out where I have the patterns, yarn and tools. For instance, my search for Homespun yarn last night produced only 3 skeins. I'm thinking that I may have sold that stuff in last year's garage sale. Hmm.. I'll have to check the pictures to see if it was on the tables (photos taken for scrapbook included the crafts table). The items in BOLD I've already decided to do and have everything in the Olympics bag (from the Atlanta Games).

Aerial Unwind - reclaim the yarn from an unloved project.
Bag Jump - tote bag
Bobsled - Pet projects - Wendy's Pi bed
Felting Freestyle - crocheted & felted bear
Free Dance - anything that doesn't fit other categories
Giant Slalom-ghan - afghan - Crocheted granny square lapsized afghan in Homespun yarn
Hat Halfpipe - hats - I have kit I bought last year. I could maybe finish it while there is still snow?
Platter Lift - home decor. I wonder if this includes washcloths?
Single Skein Speed Skate - uses one skein. I have a pillow to make! Or a washcloth.
Skelegurumi - toys - my robot fits here.
Sock Hockey - socks - a simple sock from Wendy's sock book
Stash Compulsory Dance - use of long neglected stash. I'll have to check. Most of these skeins are more complicated projects.
WIPs-Dancing - any WIPs/UFOs I will have socks in this category. I have several second socks I can make.

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