Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Planning for Ravelympics

I joined another team!! I am now also a member of Team True Blood. Haven't figured out what is going where and I need to do a little swatching. Obviously, I can't do ALL of the projects in bold below, but I am making a list of those things where I have everything. In order to also participate in Crochetville's Ancient Crochet Games, I also need to pick a crochet project. If I can't find the homespun, I'm going to do the felted bear and I hope I have the yarn to do that. I'm really trying to avoid buying anything.

Aerial Unwind
- reclaim the yarn from an unloved project.
Bag Jump - tote bag
Felting Freestyle - crocheted & felted bear
Free Dance - anything that doesn't fit other categories
Giant Slalom-ghan - Homespun granny square - found 4 skeins
Hat Halfpipe - hats - Snowboarder Hat
Single Skein Speed Skate -Ripple Pillow
Sock Hockey - Wendy's basic socks in Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn (red/pink)
Stash Compulsory Dance - use of long neglected stash. I'll have to check. Most of these skeins are more complicated projects.
WIPs-Dancing - Second sock or Fuzzy socks (Knitty pattern)

Here are the MUST entries.
Bobsled - Pet projects - Wendy's Pi bed
Platter Lift - Buffy hotpad (Official entry for Team BuffyStakedEdward)
Skelegurumi - Robot

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