Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year my fellow blog readers!

Yes, I have some resolutions this year. I hope they are not overly ambitious, but they do give some direction:

Quilting Resolutions:

1. Use up all Halloween fabric.
2. Finish 2 bed sized UFOs.
3. Finish 5 PIGS (tops only)
4. Use up 100 yards of stash fabric (quilts, curtains, pillowcases, etc)
5. Find a better source than Joann's for 45 mm blades.
6. Work on something quilt related for 1 hour each day.

I hope this isn't too ambitious, but of course, if I finish item 1, item 4 is a shoe in. I'm also kindof fed up with Joann's. Maybe it's not their fault but they never seem to have 45mm blades in stock, even for non-sale weeks. When they do, they are only the individual blades, not the 5 pack. This year, I need more than one 5 pack of blades, so the goal is to find some for my Olfa that aren't $5 a piece.

Knitting & Crocheting:

Complete all UFOs

Now, my knitting and crocheting UFO listing is not that out of line. I only really acquired UFOs there in the last few years based on a suggestion of having more than one project going when you seem to be flagging. Just doesn't work for me. So, I'm going to focus on finishing.


Finish one project

I have done so little cross-stitching in the last year. I'm going to designate one day a week to doing cross-stitching. Once my knitting UFOs (mostly socks) are completed, I will be doing this a lot more. This is another area where multiple projects just wasn't working for me.

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