Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Quilting!!

I finished the quilting, trimmed and added the binding to the front of the Floral Irish Chain. I only need to sew the binding to the back and done! In addition, I've completed removing all the quilting from the Tall Ships wallhanging. I'm ready to start quilting that as well. It's a UFO dating from 1993 or 94.
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Floral Irish chain top and Tall Ships Wallhanging - Unfinished tops

During the Olympics, I just want to machine sew, no cutting or handwork, to save my hands for lots of knitting and crocheting. These are some of the projects I'm considering. The first, Courthouse Steps, is actually 3 large pieces. It's a modified quilt-as-you-go. Way easier to quilt such a large quilt! Just needs to be sandwiched in 3 sections to be ready to go since I have all those pins from the Irish Chain. The second is the fishbowl quilt. All pinned, ready to go. Finally, is the waterfall quilt (I photographed it upside down!). Just need to decide in advance how I want to quilt it. At one time, I wanted to do freehand leaves (a leaf waterfall), but I realize that it is beyond my skills at this point. ALL of these are UFOs: Courthouse steps was completed in 2007, Fishbowl quilt top done in 2004 and PINNED in 2007 (blush), and finally, the waterfall quilt was a mystery quilt completed in 2006. Finishing any of these will complete one part of my New Year's resolutions (finishing at least 2 bed sized UFOs)!!

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Courthouse Steps, Fishbowl and Waterfall (upside down) - All Unfinished tops

Searches for yarn and stuff for the Ravelympics continues. Team BuffyStakedEdward will have an appropriately themed potholder. Team TrueBlood will have blood red socks (Woolease) with black eyelash yarn trim. Team MN will be the Robot. I'll have to figure out where to put the rest. I really should be a member of the Team Overcommitted, don't you think? :)

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