Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Asian Fabrics

I've been on a roll collecting some Asian fabrics in order to complete some projects. Here's some really great choices from Blue Bamboo. I actually bought from them before not realizing at the time that they had a store locally. Great shop to visit! My selections mostly reflect my need for small and medium prints for a Japanese Doll Wallhanging that I will be making. A couple of the fabrics I bought because my brother couldn't decide which colorway he wanted for his Kindle bag. He came into the shop with me and then asked how much the fabric was. I told him not to worry about it, I was only getting a yard of each. Yes, well, I spent $156 today. Didn't take long either. Combine that with my order at the Quilted Crow and you can see that I blew the budget this month.
Asian Fabric purchase 4/27/2011

After seeing this quilt, I couldn't help it. I bought the kit. Went way over budget, but hey, I just could not refuse this one. It is going to go above my TV. This thing is fabulous! You can do this pattern too. It is a free pattern at called 12 Moons.
Photo from

Lots of Stuff

Sorry about not posting recently. I was determined to do it from the Netbook, and then couldn't get the photos on or PixResizer to make them a more maneageable size. All fixed now.

Spent a long weekend working on sewing projects at my sister's while she helped me figure out my new-to-me serger. I made 2 pillowcovers, a pillow case, pajama bottoms and a pj top (another pair).

The first project was 2 pillowcovers. I bought one for my king sized feather/down pillows a while back and all they sold was this satiny thing for $9. It feels really nice, but the pillowcase was forever coming off. I had some plain Christmas fabric with some mistletoe that I've been using for backings and they made perfect pillow covers. This gave me zipper practice as well.
Next is Dad's Train Pillowcase. He is a train fan, so needed this. Didn't have to adjust anything. The trains go the right way for the easy-make pillow case. I used the basic pattern from 1 million pillowcases. I'll be making a couple more to donate to the cause since I used their pattern. I have it laying across my king sized pillow to show you that you do not need to adjust this pattern. Very generous length!
Here's a closeup. I added some stitching on the top. Looks very professional and I did it!

On the quilting front, as always, I have too many projects going. I am doing a quilt-along project with my group at QATW ( using the book Hop To It by Edyta Sitar. It is an applique project. Originally, I was going to follow her instructions using invisible thread, but after endless adjustments on my tension, I just can't get it right with the nylon and will instead just match thread with the pieces and satin stitch. This photo shows the design for Block 1 fused down. I am using Kona solid in bone for my background. The red flowers with yellow centers is actually a brick color with dark zig zags, not a solid. I dithered as to whether to use something brighter, but kept returning to this. As a stand alone block, I'm not thrilled with my leaf fabric choices. My Mom likes it. I'm thinking of doing a second one with alternate color choices and will then go with whichever one I like best for the rest of the quilt.
As always, what's a blog without including pets? Here's Polly in her box on the cutting table. My sewing machine is there too because the serger is where my sewing machine usually is. Gotta find a new setup that will work with the serger. My biggest challenge right now is finding a food that is lower calorie that makes all of the cats happy. We thought we had one, but it appears to cause Bart to have a skin problem (He licks all the fur off his legs). Cleo-Claudine and Polly are both overweight, Bart and Alice are at the top of the weight chart for their size. Sylvester is the only one who is at a perfect weight. Go figure.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Garden Party Completed!!

My first finish of the year!! Got the quilt back from the quilter (Julie Ann of Fat Quarter Quilting), bound it, washed it and walla, a photo! Quilt is about 79x96 inches. Now, the details. This was from a QATW 2009 swap that included both blocks and strips of pastel fabrics. It was a 3 part swap - one month had to be applique, another was pieced (or paperpieced) and the last month was whatever method you wanted. I supplemented with my fabric supply (and bought a few 1/4 yards) to make the patchwork border. I did the bee, iris, and dragonflies for the swap, but also added a bunny and ladybug to finish it off. Gift to my Mom and Dad. Mom was totally sick of winter before December was even over. Still needs a label and I'll get to it.

Garden Party

Garden Party Closeup


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Binding A Quilt

I've attached the binding to the Garden Party quilt and am now sewing to the back. I'm about half done. I highly recommend these binding holders. Flimsy metal pieces, but they hold your binding very well and you never get stuck with a pin. I use about 10 of them. It is more of a bother to 'pin' a whole side. Doing about 10 out forces me to stop, stretch my arms and hands a bit, clip, then go back. I use a relatively large needle to do binding because I tend to take too small of stitches with smaller needles. Kindof a waste really, and annoying when you have to remove the stitching to replace the binding. The good news is that soon, very soon, I can start a new section for 2011 finishes!!