Friday, July 20, 2007

Busy Summer, Harry Potter Time!

I know I haven't been updating much recently. Haven't done a lot of crafting although I continue to work on the Banff Sweater. The front has been completed and I have now ripped back the back to where I started to reduce too fast. In the meantime, I did start a sleeve!

The sweater gets put aside after today, for tomorrow I switch back to cutting out pyramids for the Pyramid Quilt while listening to the latest Harry Potter audio book. This entire quilt has been cut to the stories, so now that I need about 300 more, I will continue my cutting! My sister is after me to pick it up tonight (I have a pre-order in at the local Borders store), so she can start listening to it. So, you won't have to wonder where I am at midnight tonight! I get a free poster too.

All but one of the kitties are doing very well. Polly and Bart love to run into the basement. They don't stay long, they get full of cobwebs, but they are happy little kitties when they come back upstairs. Cuddles continues to be a concern. She's been on meds for 6 months and we still don't seem to be further ahead. She still hasn't reached 6 pounds, has another respiratory infection, scratches all the time and has repeat eye infections. Poor little gal. Clearly we still can't quit the steroids, but that is leaving her open for other infections. Anyway, we keep hoping this will clear up SOON!