Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finished First Socks!

I finished my first pair of socks and have the photo to prove it! They are made from Cascade 220 wool yarn using the pattern from Knit Socks by Betsy McCarthy. Overall, I am happy with my first pair of socks even though they aren't perfect. The heel is though and that is most important to me. The foot area is a little roomy and I prefer a more rounded toe. That extra fabric on the one toe goes away after I walk around a few steps with my sock (it was the first time I put it on).

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Today I'm trying to finish the backing for the Diamond Waterfall quilt so that I can pin it this week before the shop closes. I'm also getting my swap blocks done. I bought a lot of fancy thread at 60% off as well as plenty of brights to make a couple of projects that needed brights or jewel tones.

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Kristy said...

Way to go finishing your first socks! They look great! Be careful, though, as sock knitting is very addicting. I always have several on my needles.