Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Complicated Week

Things have been kindof hectic around here this week. My Dad had surgery on Monday and is recovering, but requires some help with his meds. Fiona, the cat, has taken a downturn and requires more care. It is hot everywhere, but happily with all the rain we had this a.m., less concern for fire locally. My car still doesn't work.

On the plus side, my Maple Leaf swap blocks arrived! I am packaging them together with the fabric (sides and borders) so that I can put the top together while housesitting for my sister the 2nd week of August. Haven't decided if I'm going to tie or quilt it yet.

I have almost finished all the blocks for the reversible child's quilt. I hope to start on the sashing tomorrow and finish this project this week. The blocks go together VERY nicely and since they are already quilted, the finishing should be pretty quick. Having a square on the back makes this very easy. My plan to have triangles and strips on both sides will add to the complexity, but then I will be using mostly blends (80/20) instead of 100% poly. For a kid's quilt, having different thicknesses seems to work out just fine. I think the smallish size minimizes the differences.

Good news! Since I have to bring my Dad to the docs repeatedly for a bit, I brought some UFOs to work on. I have done nearly all the crocheting on my Summer Sling Bag. The handle ended up being too long for me, so I'm starting that over again today to get it the correct length. Then, I'll just have to sew the lining and I'm done! I'm also making progress again on the Homespun Shawl. During the last go around, I had to rip back 5 or 6 inches because my shawl was becoming rectangular when it should have been triangular. Don't know where I went wrong, but it's better now.

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