Sunday, July 02, 2006

LQS Is Closing

My favorite local haunt quilt shop is closing due to the owner's illness. Happily, she plans to reopen when her health problems are resolved. She doesn't plan to be out of quilting entirely and plans to host some Quilter's Nights Out at her church. That will be good because I enjoy those evenings. Here's a link to photos of the current store:

In the meantime, I managed to save 40% on the backing and batting for my Mom & Dad's quilt. It's an intense gold (Autumn Fare) from the Thimbleberries line. Way better choice than what I was going to use and my Mom likes it much better as well. My biggest problem with the closing of this shop is where am I going to pin my quilts? Most options that have been suggested to me in the past for pinning my quilts are simply undoable either because it is too low or a major storage problem. Tying is less of a problem as I can just place a single sheet of plywood on a bed and tie from there. I'm hoping one of the other two smaller quilt shops will let me pin quilts there.

I'm still working on my socks with the goal of finishing today or tomorrow (Sunday or Monday). Photo to be provided when complete. I purchased the yarn for July's Sock-A-Long (an ankle sock with fun fur around the top) and all the 30s fabric I need for a 2nd go-around with the 30s Churn Dash Swap. I am also participating in a Library Swap. Bought my pattern and have selected a bunch of fabrics to use from my stash. The pattern creates a block with books, some of the books lie on their side, some have things on the shelves. Not due until September, which is good because I'd like to put something on the shelf which requires a little applique.

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