Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Trip (with Photos)

Well, I'm back in Suburbia once more. Browerville, MN, where I was staying, is a cute little town located in Central Minnesota. Not a lot of stores. However, with encroachment from Brainerd, it might change over time. But, right now, it's just the right size and has most of what one needs. The best thing about Browerville downtown is Steve's Market. They provide homemade sausages and other meats which are very yummy! The sausages grill wonderfully. Oh, and did I mention that I grilled for the first time as well!? Yes, it's probably a no-brainer using a gas grill, but I never figured it out before. I give credit to my sister for teaching me the finer points of grilling.
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First, for you sock knitters, here's my sock progress just before I did the heels. I'll be working on socks this weekend, so perhaps much more progress. Heel turn went fine. Now on to the gusset. This is the view from my sister's front porch about 30 feet away. Duck weeds and cattails and it looks very picturesque. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Here is my completed top from Mystery #18. I really like this one. I plan to quilt it using freehand leaves. This is a twin sized quilt and includes fabric from "In the Beginning" as well as Kaufman.
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The long awaited finish of my parent's anniversary quilt. I started this in May 2005 with the intention of completing the top prior to my parents' 50th anniversary last year. I just didn't have the space to lay this out to figure out how to finish it. Yes, well, some things are easier for others. Anyway, top is done now. Although I have planned to tie it, I may quilt it using the method where you only put in 1/3 of the batting at a time to reduce bulk. This is a queen sized quilt that is otherwise just too difficult to do in my home machine. We'll see. I want to finish this during the Summer. The pattern is Pine Trees from Lynnette Jensen of Thimbleberries. All the fabrics are from several lines from Thimbleberries.
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