Sunday, June 11, 2006

Leaf Swap Blocks

I've been working hard yesterday and today trying to finish my Maple Leaf swap blocks. I think they came out very nicely. Here's a photo of each of the 4 colors I am sending (3 different cream backgrounds). Now, the advantage of the pattern is that each and every square is guaranteed to be 3.5 inches before sewing together the final block. The gal at Quiltaholics does biannual Mystery Quilts, so has to have things very exacting. Lots of fussy work. I would normally just use an Easy Angle. Would have been done a week ago. But, I'm a team player, so just followed the instructions as given. Below the photo is a link to the pattern that we used.
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Speaking of Quiltaholics, she has a Mystery Quilt going on next weekend. I have to select some fabric from my stash and fill-in, if necessary, to participate. This one also uses the TriRecs tools. Last time I used them was for a Mystery Quilt 2 years ago! I rarely join Mystery Quilts, but I've liked the results of most of Deb's quilts, so once again, I'm participating. If you are interested and have nothing planned for next weekend, feel free to join us.

I have one more swap to finish, and I'm caught up. I had to pull out about 5 inches of shawl. Went wrong somewhere, so hopefull can get that fixed this time around. I also need to get cracking on my socks again for the Sock A Long. Busy, busy, busy...when am I going to mow the lawn?


estee said...

Really like your leaf blocks. I've always wanted to make a leaf quilt. I love your crocheted bedspread.I saw one like it in a magazine years ago and tried to learn how to make a granny square but never got the hang of it. I quilt instead though.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comments! If you quilt only, consider making a scrap quilt and using black for the sashing. It will give a stained glass look and actually compliments the scrappiness of your fabric selections.