Monday, June 19, 2006

Housesitting and Projects

I'm housesitting at my sister's and having a good, relaxing time with the kitties. Unfortunately, I can't provide photos easily. My sister and BIL live in Central Minnesota, right in the middle of lake country. They were disgruntled with my fishing pole (button reel with expandable pole), so taught me how to fish with a REAL fishing pole. We practiced for awhile then. I went out fishing 10 minutes after they left on Friday and caught my very first Northern Pike on only the 4th throw. Need I say lunch?

Spent the weekend working on Mystery Quilt #18 from I did run into a snag, but should finish the quilt top today. I love the diamond border, but it sure wasn't easy to sew! I think I'd like to include it on a future project, so will research easier ways for me to do it (probably cheater corners or paper piecing...who knows).

Sew, for the rest of today, I'll be finishing up the Mystery, then start working on one of the quilting projects I brought with me. The weather is so great though (and mosquitoless in the daytime), I'm spending a lot of time outdoors knitting and hopefully will have a completed pair of socks by the end of the week!

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