Friday, January 29, 2010

Oak Leaf Wash Cloth

Leaf Wash Cloth
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Yes, these things are just addictive. Here's a Oak leaf washcloth in Lion kitchen cotton. It's a wonky 6.5x8.5 using 5 circs. The original pattern indicates a square, so I don't know why I have a rectangle. Sis is getting this one too (she said she needed washcloths).

Originally, I listed this as a Maple Leaf washcloth. My mistake. Here's the pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I love this washcloth, and cannot find a pattern for it. Do you recall how you made it or where you got the pattern? I found one for a maple leaf straight on, and got the idea to do a set of three or four for my mom in different colors and with different leaf patterns. I'd love the pattern for this one. Email me?