Monday, March 19, 2007

Rectangular Granny Afghan is Finished!

I'm happy to report yet another project completed! This time, it's the Rectangular Granny Afghan that I made for my Dad. This is really a nice take-a-long project until it gets too big (then you need a rolling cart). Anyway, I did 50 rounds using an H hook of Red Heart yarn in dark thyme, celery, and black, with leftover white yarn filling in (different brands). I did a final round of sc. Final result is about 55x70 inches (will update when I actually measure it-kitties sleeping on it right now).
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If you are interested in this pattern, Erin has provided step by step pictorial instructions on making it. Thanks Erin, this was a great pattern!

Cuddles is feeling much better despite still itching. She's back to beating up her brothers. Here she is assisting in removing the plastic winter window insulation. We weren't ready to remove it yet, it still being the heating season, but it's good to know that she is a helper cat.
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Kay said...

Your quilts are kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes. Beautiful! And I like your cats, too.

Sallenlouise said...

Your ghan came out lovely!
You did a fantastic job!
What a cute kitty!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you so much for your blog on how to do a rectangle granny. I can make reg. squares and always admire the rectangle with no idea how to start it. Are you doing anymore of these CAL for large granny's in 2009. Would love to join if you are.


Stephanie said...

Probably won't be doing another grannygan until 2010. I have 2 other projects to finish and then plan to make another grannygan with the leftovers. Once you have the center part established, it's a mindless TV project. If you to go, they continually have CALs going. Really helps you to keep working on big projects. My ID there is Stephanie.

Susie Peterman said...

Hello! I was searching for a pattern for a ladybug blanket and clicked on a picture of a beautiful crocheted ladybug blanket I saw and it took me here! Do you still have this pattern and could you share it again? Thanks so much!