Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another UFO Bites the Dust!

Yes, now that the biggie is done, I'm going right along. I had misplaced a skein of yarn and broke my Q hook. During the last reorganization, I found the missing skein and bought a new Q hook. I finished pretty quickly today. The pattern is Waterfall (crochet) by Lion Brands Yarn. I made it slightly wider and a lot longer using Homespun in Tudor (nice blends of red/blue/brown and yellow). Nice and warm and soft. This pattern is available for free at I have previously referred to this afghan as the One Stitch Afghan, because the pattern is merely a single crochet in the back of the loop using 2 strands.

Here's the finished afghan. It's approximately 60 inches wide by 75 inches long. I know now why professional photographers show afghans draped over chairs and things. It's impossible otherwise, to keep the edges from curling in. I don't have the gift of draping fabric well, so I guess this will have to suit for now. You are probably thinking...why is it all stretched out like that? The stitch makes a soft ribbing. Hanging from a line, it stretches all out due to the weight of the yarn, but it normally has nice little folds.

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I am recording Midsommer Murders for my Mom and Dad today (taking out commercials), so will likely work on the Homespun Shawl. This is another knitted project that is very simple (the traditional triangle shawl). I don't know if I like shawls, so wanted easy and warm. I have a little over a week to work hard on UFOs before the Sock-a-Long starts.


Debra said...

Where are you finding Midsomer Murders? I haven't seen any broadcast in over a year!!

Stephanie said...

Midsomer Murders is currently being shown on Biography Channel on Sundays (one in afternoon and another in evening).