Saturday, May 13, 2006

Knit A Long Socks

Just to get me going on finishing a pair of socks, I decided to join a Sock Knit-a-Long group. The group is using the book Knit Socks by Betsy Lee McCarthy (book is shaped like a sock). What I like about these patterns is that they include instructions for women's large size. Should be fun. Bought my book and need to check my needle sizes and then select yarn. The first pattern we will be doing features Cascade 220, but I want to be sure to use a superwash wool. If you are interested in joining, the book is quite inexpensive at Amazon. Here's the link to the group:
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Once more, we have boarded the Ark. Rain, rain, rain for days. I am hard at work on sewing the ladybug afghan. I made an Oops. There was an error in the instructions and instead of 26 rows above and below first and last ladybugs in a panel, I did 35 rows (as done between ladybugs). So, I have had to tease out the ribbing and add a few extra inches of knitting to the red panels. Well, these things happen. At least I was consistent so the problem is easily repairable.

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