Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Links To Interesting Items

A poster asked if I could do the ladybug afghan in crochet. Yes, but the chart needs to be converted. However, Maggies Crochet does have a crocheted ladybug afghan. I am posting a link to the page here:

I have ordered directly from Maggies Crochet twice and been very happy with my service.

There are always new knitters, so I'm taking this opportunity to point out the 5 Hour Baby Sweater. There are several versions of this pattern all adapted from the original provided by Anne Stoddard, who was given the pattern by two ladies who ran a yarn shop back in the 50s. When she posted the pattern, she asked that if you made a sweater, make a second and donate it. I donated all of mine to local hospitals.
I've made Lorraine's version a couple of times also.
Includes booties, bonnet and attached hood patterns.

Since I'm posting links, here's one of my favorite quilting scrap patterns links:

Oh, and not to leave out the cross stitchers, here's a link to calculators and converters
Oh, and my recommendation for very cute.

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