Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Official Quilt Finished Photos

Today was a lovely day. Lawn all freshly mowed. Seemed like a good time to take the official completed photos of a couple of quilts, so I am sharing them with you.

First, the Bug Quilt. I made this twin sized quilt after several years of collecting bug fabrics. It was an adaptation of a baby quilt in Ursula Reikes' very first baby quilt book (no longer in print). Her methods are extremely easy. I finished the quilt December 2005. Quilting was mostly in the ditch, but I also added some freeform leaves in the inner border and meander quilting in the outer border. This block is often known as Lazy Star. I believe Ms. Reikes was the author who developed cheater corners as I've never seen a book prior to hers that had them (this one was published in late 1980s). I LOVE cheater corners!
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6 inch blocks with solid red stars and inner border.

The back is pieced together from different fabrics with green in them. Yes, I know, they don't go together, but it's the back, it's my quilt, so who cares? I had a lot of older fabrics that did not go with the colors of today, which made them pretty hard to use otherwise. Using stash is always a good move! I used Hobbs Heirloom for the batting (which I use most often).
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Individually, these don't go together, but I love them all.

My second finished quilt is the queen sized Diamond Scrap Quilt, which I've given to my Mom and Dad. In February 2005, I started a Scrap-A-Long at QATW (MSN Groups) just to keep going on it. When going through scraps, I almost never can do speed cutting and it took months to cut enough 3 7/8 inch squares to do the quilt. However, I did empty 2 scrap boxes. I finished the top on December 31, 2005. This is a rare quilt with the whole back the same fabric (a great deal at Mill End Textiles). I tied the quilt using Cascade 220 wool and after a wash and dry, it looks great! I used a Mountain Mist Fatt Batt, which is a thick, polyester batting. My Mom made us blankets when we were kids, so her idea of a quilt is a lot thicker than what I typically use for batting. She was very happy with this, so I made a good choice. The camera actually shows a starker contrast than the quilt actually has (your brain adjusts for it). Quilt was completed in January 2006.
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Quilt made entirely of 3 7/8 inch light/dark half square triangles.

I happen to love stripes on the back of a quilt, so this one has some interesting ones. Up close, they look like idealized foxes.
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[edited to add]. The instructions for the Diamond Scrap quilt can be found at Quilter's Cache. I vary from the instructions by putting a light square and a dark square together and then drawing a diagonal line on the light. Then I sew a scant 1/4 inch from the line in both directions. Then cut.


MEstee said...

Beautiful quilt. What pattern did you use. Mary

Jill said...

Oh no,you din'it! You may have just inspired me to take up quilting! Those are gorgeous! Works of art!

Stephanie said...

I edited my post to include the pattern information.

NS said...

That Diamond Scrap Quilt makes my heart pound. It is quite lovely! I tried quilting a few years ago, but gosh, could not get the hang of it.