Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Yes, with money I was going to buy new shirts with, I had to go a buy more craft stuff! So, here's some of it. Of course, I needed more afghan books. All of these flower afghans are take-a-long projects. I always need a selection, you know. I also talked myself into the little bottle poodles. I think they are so cute. Dumb. But cute. Since I have a new teapot, I felt I needed a tea cozy. I thought these cable ones were cool, so got that. Also got a Log Cabin quilting book, several roll stitch crochet hooks (for squares in my Crochet Calender) and a future RAK gift during the next sign up. I've been working hard on my swap squares and have finished one swap up. Photos later!
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Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Of course you can stack your kals. Do send me your email addy so I can add you to the list. Thanks