Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fixing Stuff

We are still on board the Ark. I am starting to be concerned about how high that grass will grow before I can mow it. The mower and I are already at odds with each other. Tough to cut grass will not help relations.

Sometimes all you read about is the success folks are having with their projects. Don't worry. That's not what you will see in this post. It is clear that I did miscounts on the white areas. Lots of extra rows. Look at this wonderful edging that I typed about yesterday.
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Ok, so my fix was to knit the additional red to even it up. Looked very nice when I finished.
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Then, I discovered something when I put the 2 halves of the afghan together. Yes. They are two different lengths. It's one of those days when you just want to lay your head on a ledge and bash it with something heavy. I decided to put it away for the night.

Thankfully, I already have worked out a solution. Since it involves cutting off some length, I want to think about it after a night's sleep. Having cut knitting before, it's not that hard for me to do, but it's not something to do when you are tired. I thought for certain I would be done today (wahh, sniff, sniff). Alas.

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