Saturday, August 22, 2009

Knitting and Quilting

Sorry, it's been a bit since I posted. Haven't been getting a lot of needlework done, but mostly because it has all been taken up with socks and just feeling out of sorts. I have yet to finish a pair, but I have 4 pair of socks on different needles. Let's focus on the currently active pair. I am making the "On Hold" pattern from Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up. As much as I love the result, I detest working on lace. I may appreciate the lacemaking after I am more familiar with the toe up process. I do love working on circulars and may never pick up my double pointed needles again.

Progress from July 2009. Shows the pattern very nicely.
On Hold Socks Progress 7/26/09

This shows my progress today. Sorry for washed out photo. As you can see, I finished the heel and about 3 inches of the ankle of one sock. The other is waiting for me to start the heel. Done on separate circs as I still haven't quite figured out how to work them on one set of circs yet. These are running just a little big. Next time I have a 66 stitch sock, I'm dropping a few stitches. I'm using size 0 circs and just am not going to go to any lower sizes. Too hard to pick up dropped stitches.
On Hold Socks

As always, a needed pet photo. Here is Polly in the window well of my craft room. That is a Mile A Minute afghan she is laying on. I'm also thrilled to pieces about the new window. I can finally open AND close the window instead of opening and having to use a hammer to close it. Don't have to put plastic on it either - no drafts.
Polly Aug. 2009

Finally, here is part of the now completed Train Quilt top. This quilt is for my Dad to use in his recliner as he often sleeps there, so it is specially sized. I bought the binding today and still need to sew the backing together and find some red wool yarn. I hope to start tying it some time this week. To you quilters reading my blog: I completely agree with you. I should have cut the square-in-the-squares smaller so that the corners just met. However, non-quilters don't even notice, so I'm not going to either. Next time, I will do it right. I was able to use all but one of my train fabrics in some way in this quilt. The final one is going to be used to make a matching remote control holder. Whatever is left over, I plan to trade off to someone. I have SO much fabric, I decided not to quibble over scraps - trade the leftover novelties off for something I can use and someone else will benefit from these now out-of-print fabrics.
Dad's Train Quilt