Sunday, May 09, 2010

Finished the On Hold Socks

Yes, ironic that the name of these socks should be "On Hold". They've been on hold since July, but done they are. I used size 0 (2.0 mm) circulars to make these in Knit Picks Stroll Sock yarn (Lantana). Pattern is On Hold Socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. The pattern is not all that complicated, but I found that I couldn't do these while away from home or watching TV. I'd just get messed up and have to rip back (over and over). I did learn that I need to adapt her patterns just a bit by cutting them about 3/4 inch in length to get the right fit. Then I don't have to adjust the heel - save a step. So, one sock is a little longer than the other, but I'll live with it. I also chose to do a regular K2P2 cuff with a sewn bind off.

On Hold Socks

I'm not too happy with the photo. The color is totally wrong, why I don't know. Here's the correct color.
On Hold Socks Progress 7/26/09

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